6 Paid Days Off

We know you have parties to attend, documents to extend, visas to get. None of them waits for weekends. So, besides annual vacation, you get 6 additional days off. We pay, you get rest. That’s it.

Annual Salary Review

Your salary is not for a worklife. We consider inflation, your hard work and dedication. And your salary changes accordingly. We don’t just wait for you to ask for a raise.

Annual Bonus

Once a year you get to feel this pleasure. In addition to your salary, you get extra money. Just another way of appreciating your efforts.

Free Snacks and Drinks

Whether you are a coffee or a tea lover, crave sweets or crackers, you are going to love our kitchen stuff. Just grab yours, take a break and get your spark back.

Positive Environment

You step into quite an open and diverse team: various tastes, styles, hobbies, mindsets. Just one thing in common — we are all toxic-free.

Educational Courses

Always ready to support your professional growth initiatives. Found a great course? We are here to consider getting it for you. Your knowledge is the backbone of our success. 

Monthly Team-Buildings

Gonna love those Fridays: games, big talks, small talks, hangouts, snacks, beverages. And you are part of this cool stuff.

Work Devices

You get your Mac, your earbuds, and all the gadgets you need to achieve your best results. No lagging or technical issue to worry you.

Social Events

Beyond monthly team-buildings, we participate in various social events throughout the year. We get together, we share ideas, we raise team spirit.

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